Saturday, September 3, 2022

Delays and Cancellations Major Problem For Labor Day Travelers and In California Heat Wave May Mean You Can't Charge Your EV


As Labor Day and the end of summer approaches on vacations millions are trying to get away
Flights near prepandemic levels but hobbled with massive cancellations and delays
Mayor Pete must be having a y major snit fit
After warning airline CEO’s to clean up their acts the chaos on the tarmacs has not quit
And for those who a rich enough to have on an EV splurged
And looking for a quick trip to satisfy the getaway urge
If they are unlucky to live in Newsom’s Green New Deal Golden State
With high temperatures and electrical use off the charts that trip might have to wait
Another flex alert from the manager of the states overburdened power grid
From 4-9 P.M. the usage of major appliances and even the charging of EV’s the state wants us to forbid
In Newsom’s war on fossil fueled cars the heat wave has exposed our Achilles Heel
We may not have enough power to charge the EV batteries to be able to access our wheels
Forced to keep a gasoline powered car in our garage as a backup spare
When battery charging demand overwhelms supply ending our EV’s chance to go anywhere
© September 3, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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