Monday, August 1, 2022

Senator Manchin Denies Tax Increase on 6 Out of 8 Income Levels Under Inflation Reduction Act


Senator Manchin has gone from a heroic Horatio creating an inflation moat
To being seduced by Schumer and becoming a taxing and spending goat
A nonpartisan group Joint Committee on Taxation claims The Inflation Reduction Act
Will put 6 of 8 income categories under $200,000 on an upward taxation track
Manchin of course disputes this claim what good if any the bill favors
When the spending increases also have an inflation increasing flavor
With Senator Sinema for inflation and fiscal stability’s last hope
We are on pins and needles wondering if she says yes how to increased inflation and taxes cope
Relying on the Senate Parliamentarian to reject the bill for Budge Conciliation Treatment
Is too much to pray for to damage to our economy prevent
Not a single Blue other than now possibly Sinema will from Schumer depart
To be remembered in October when the 3rd quarter continues its roaring inflation first 2 quarters start

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