Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Focus On Pelosi's Taiwan Trip Distracts Us From Addressing China As an Existential Threat


Pelosi has landed in Malaysia and will head to Taiwan this night
The world anxiously waits to see whether the Chinese will move past saber rattling to down the flight
The brouhaha over Pelosi’s visit has spotlighted our slow to realize fact
China is our existential threat we are facing who on all fronts is trying to us attack
Militarily, economically, politically, technologically, and culturally on all fronts
They are in the struggle long term home run derby whereas we are in the quarter to quarter bunts
When China has engaged in intellectual property theft big time
Why we allow thousands upon thousands of Chinese graduate students into our schools boggles the mind?
Could it be we allow this IP theft breeding ground so the schools full tuition collect?
Like offshoring manufacturing jobs to China to the goal of short term profits select
In pursuit of achieving lower and lower costs near monopoly on critical drugs from China for us to obtain
As we phase out fossil fuels in which we are awash and pivot to solar and wind Chinese monopoly on panels and turbines will reign
If China wants to put us in a world of hurt on the issue of Taiwan no need to shed massive blood to invade
Far better to the world’s leading supplier of semiconductor chips, especially nano ones, its exports blockade
We are in a grave window of danger to try to deal with this existential threat
But our administration is the biggest ship of fools we have ever assembled yet
Distracted we are focused on Pelosi’s safe return
God help us if we don’t the extent of China’s threats learn

© August 2, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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