Tuesday, August 2, 2022

80 Year Old Liquor Store Clerk with a Shotgun Shoots a Rifle Armed Robber to Save Himself and End Robbery


The armed thugs who tried to rob a Norco liquor made two big mistakes
The attempted robbery was not in L.A. County where Gascon could give them a quick release break
Secondly the robber entered the store with a rifle to display
Seen by the 80 year old clerk who pulled a shotgun and blew a good part of his arm away
End of robbery attempt, bleeding out the door and into a car to flee the scene
To a hospital ER and physicians who would know what the wound at the time of night would mean
Or the police learning he had been shot would have notified hospitals in the area near
That a gunshot victim from a shotgun blast might appear
His accomplices would soon to an ER their wounded cohort present
To soon with him after his wound was treated off to jail be sent
Another case of why we need a robust 2nd Amendment
Armed law abiding citizens to crime and life threatening danger to themselves prevent
Another case of never being too old to be able to yourself protect
And Soros funded D.A.’s like Gascon and defund the police measures, voters must reject

© August 2, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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