Monday, August 1, 2022

Reptilian Brain Strikes Again as 67 Year Old Dentist Larry Rudolph Found Guilty of Murdering His Wife of 34 Years for a Younger Mistress ohHisf year old


The reptilian brain can be found at any age and in any income level, in any profession
When the sexual urge is activated hard to find a defense against its obsession
A dentist Laurence Rudolph was charged with killing his wife of 34 years
She was shot in the heart in a safari in Zambia as he tried to the shooting as an  accident to appear
Claimed his wife dropped a loaded gun while trying to pack
But the evidence showed that was not the bullet’s track
His office assistant turned mistress Lori Milliron was found to an accessory after the fact
He was found guilty of murder and a life insurance fraud for claiming an accident to his crime distract
His $5 million life insurance payday has gone up in smoke
His dental license and freedom will be revoked
He will most likely given his age in prison die
But his reptilian brain will live on seeking more victims to its  urges comply                                            © August 1. 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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