Monday, August 1, 2022

Pelosi Chinese Threats Notwithstanding to Visit Taiwan With Only Question of Whether She Will Spend the Night


Pelosi has landed in Singapore and the suspense on her Taiwan visit has come to an end
After leaving Singapore her plane carrying her and her delegation will to the island nation send
China’s rattling of its sabers has not diminished but increased
Including threats that missiles aimed at her plane should be released
Why once the trip was leaked supposedly by the White House did her office not confirm?
And why were there reports that Biden thought the visit was a bad idea affirm?
After Afghanistan and Ukraine invasion not deterred what did Biden not understand about seeming weak
Emboldening China to believe we would not respond to encourage the Chinese to a military solution seek
The invasion of Ukraine and the loss of Black Sea ports has raised the specter of global starvation
Taiwan is not the bread basket but in semiconductor manufacture is number one in domination
An invasion of Taiwan coupled with the destruction of its semiconductor plants would make for shortage of chips
That would most likely cause the global economy to in a worldwide depression not seen since the 30’s into slip
Just as worse would be Taiwan’s belief that Biden Family Chinese money would mean
That against a China invasion the U.S. would not intervene
And would cave to Chinese demands with their semiconductor capacity under the control of the CCP
And any sense of economic or military security never again would we see

© August 1, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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