Friday, October 1, 2021

Squad Holds Infrastructure Bill Hostage Unless "No Cost" Reconciliation Biden Billl Is In It.


When it comes to the political philosophy of the Squad
The only word to describe the ideas of these Neo Socialist Progressives is “flawed”
But it is mindboggling to see the Squad with so few members flex their power
That the House leadership including Tyrant of the House can only sputter and cower
In given the divisive nature of politics the Senate in an almost historic event
With true not token bi partisan support passed an infrastructure bill and to the House sent
Like the fictional Dutchy of Grand Fenwick the Squad roared and on our political system declared war
If the massive $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill which really will cost trillions more
Is not included the Squad will vote no and it will be voted down on the House floor
The infrastructure bill we need but the reconciliation bill in any amount will sow the deadly inflation seeds
Which despite all warnings lost in his false zero cost to bill the inflation dangers he will not heed
Pelosi is a tyrant and has crossed the line and removed a Red from her committees
Time she developed a spine in dealing with the Squad to halt their extortion spree
In the fictional satire The Mouse That Roared
The Dutchy of Grand Fenwick on the U.S. declared war
Its army of 20 men armed with bows and arrows landed in an evacuation disaster drill
To seize the “Q-Bomb” that was so powerful the entire globe it would kill
Faced with utter destruction the leading powers caved and swallowed a bitter surrender pill
Not knowing that the Q bomb was a total dud and global destruction was beyond its will
Time to call the Squad’s over exaggerated bluff
And say no more extortion .....enough!
From committees she should have all shed
Look more to crossing the aisle to work with the Reds
Solicit candidates to against them in primaries race
Pour money into them to from the House erase
 Most Americans would stand up and cheer and applaud
If from Congress we could purge each and every member of the Squad

© October 1, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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