Monday, October 25, 2021

Parents Not Buying Obama's Pitch For McAuliffe

 McAuliffe must be feeling the heat

Becoming more and more apparent that he is heading to a defeat
No matter how hard he tries to turn Youngkin into Trump
Voters not buying and Trump wisely is not even on the campaign stump
Once again he calls on Obama to  visit the campaign stage
To pull wool over voters eyes as on education the wrong side McAuliffe rages
Obama is a top notch orator of the first rate
No matter how rotten the dish is his orations make one want it on their plate
But this time unlike others voters may not be flocking to buy what he is trying to sell
Trying to pin the voter suppression card on Virginia Reds is like the well-worn racist card not going well
With parents rightfully outraged over the teaching of CRT being shoved down their kids’ throat
No matter Obama’s oration skills for McAuliffe, voters like rats are leaving the sinking McAuliffe boat
Trying to ape a deadly one two punch McAuliffe is calling Biden to appear with him on stage
Desperation gamble as illegals crossing the border surge and the destructive flames of inflation rage
With Biden’s approval ratings falling faster than a heavy stone
If McAuliffe were not so arrogant and egotistical he would have told Biden to stay home
This Virginia race could be a real bellwether of what may happen next fall
A McAuliffe loss may mean that Blue’s chances to retain majorities in both houses will hit a brick wall
In the shadows of an upset look next door to the Terps
The Red candidate is near margin of error to  the Blue incumbent’s chair usurp
© October 25, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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