Friday, October 8, 2021

Racism and Repression Added to the 3 R's Taught in Elementary School


For many decades parents sent their kids to elementary schools to learn the 3 R’s
Reading, Riting and Rithmetic—foundational skills a child needed to further in education go far
Now a 4th and 5th “R” to the elementary school curriculum been added to parents’ dismay
Racism disguised by CRT and Repression on parents to be waged by the DOJ
Parents across the nation are not buying what the proponents of CRT want to sell
Appearing at school board meeting to voice concern and outrage that the Wokes want to quell
King’s dream of judging a person by his or her character not by the color of skin
Has by the proponents of CRT been abandoned and tossed into the trash bin
If you are a white child no matter how young you are a racist oppressor
Condemned by the acts on your generations ago predecessors
And if you are a black or brown child you have been oppressed
Excuse for your failings and gutting your desires to try to achieve success
The FBI who has no business in usurping local jurisdiction in schools
Has been weaponized  as a pro Woke free speech oppression tool
The censorship of social media and Big Tech at least Americans could with their pocket books and viewing habits resist
But when the DOJ and FBI become more like the Stasi replacing parents and free speech, a free society can no longer exist
Biden and his leftist stooges with MSM, social media and Big Tech sycophants
Are bringing down an Iron Curtain of censorship of speech and thought to our freedoms supplant
Biden and his leftist minions cupboard of solutions to our issues is totally bare
Why Garland wants to use the DOJ and FBI to silence and scare

 © October 8, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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