Thursday, October 28, 2021

Like Another Iron Curtain the Garland Curtain Is Descending Around Our Schools


Thanks to Stalin we for many years watched while Eastern Europe suffered under the Iron Curtain
Where blocking of people and ideas both in and out were sadly certain
Around our schools we have a new curtain beginning to descend
A Garland curtain of harassment and surveillance by FBI agents to send
AG Garland the bait and switch false moderate that was denied a seat on the Supreme Court
Had his puppet strings pulled by the National School Board Association to parent protests abort
When the AG politicizes the FBI and the DOJ to stifle free speech and dissent
Should be a wakeup call to protest where are freedoms went
Before the Senate and House committees this Stalin like mimic would not back down
Worse could not cite a single incident of parent harassment of boards or teachers to look like a total clown
After we find his son in law is a cofounder of a company selling CRT material to the schools
Refused to acknowledge the appearance if not the reality of breaching  conflict of interest rules
Despite demands he quash his memo calling FBI to treat protesting parents as domestic terrorist
He refused and it was clear that demands he resign was a demand he would resist
The DOJ is still awash in politization rot
Garland showed his vow to be independent is shot
Only recourse we not have starting with Virginia is to rise up and vote Red
Ditto in New Jersey and in 2022 insure that the Blue majorities in the House and Senate are shed
© October 28, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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