Sunday, October 17, 2021

Soros Supported County Prosecutor Sought Jail Time For Scott Smith--Time To Stifle Soros By Conservatives Running At Local Level toimsought


Thanks to the work of Fair and Balanced Fox and the likes of objective journalism from The New York Post
The attempts by the MSM to pull the wool over voters in national and statewide elections have in many cases became toast
But like water always seeking a way to a space into flow
To spread their leftist ideology they have found another way to go
Win elections at the local level, of judgeships, school boards, city councils and supervisors where few vote on election day
As large amounts of dollars from the likes of a real clear and present danger to our way of life like George Soros is putting millions of his wealth into play
Parents across this nation are rising up against the teaching of CRT in our public schools
With school boards acting more and more not like seekers of what is best for education but more like Soros’ puppet tools
In Loudin County, an outraged parent Scott Smith over a sexual assault on his daughter in a girls’ bathroom by a transgender boy wearing a skirt
Which was then ridiculed and denied by the school board trying to cover up and conceal its dirt
Received an apology from the superintendent and from a pro CRT member her resignation
We now find that the county prosecutor Buta Biberaj received $860 grand from Soros to infect justice with her leftist inclinations
She’s also a support of CRT big support Terry McAuliffe and has a tendency to show violent criminals the open door
Even as she the likely prospects of recidivism of more violent and deadly crime ignore
Conservatives with Soros spending election cash like a sailor on a drunken spree
To elect D.A.’s like Biberaj who believe in name of equity to let violent criminals run free
Can no longer sit on their hands
Must seek local offices to make a difference across the land.

© October 17, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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