Friday, October 15, 2021

On Inflation and Open Border Klaine and Mayorkas in Total Disconnect With Middle Class


On the national level of Blue disconnect the prize goes of Biden’s Chief of Staff Ron Klaine
Who dismissed inflation as a high class problem as the middle class sees its savings going down the drain
The Blue elite may see their investments due to inflation decline and may have to invest less
But compared to the pain of filling up the tank or putting food on the table nowhere near the middle class stress
Psaki and Biden keep touting the decline in the rate of unemployment
Deceiving us by concealing the fact it is due in large part to workers refusing to the workplace be sent
And with Biden pushing companies to hire and retain only workers to receive the vaccine
Regardless of whether they have natural immunity of religious beliefs or health issues to leave the job search scene
Causing the labor participation rate to shrink
While pedal to the metal pushing trillions of new red ink
The perfect storm of inflation with too much money chasing too few goods
Clearly the Blue Biden Puppet Masters the economics of inflation have not understood
Klaine sadly in terms of middle class disconnect is not alone
Mayorkas is close behind as he the “the border is closed” intones
When before our very eyes each night of TV we see on Fox thousands upon thousands of illegals in a steady stream
Not refugees from political oppression but economic migrants wanting like so many millions a chance at the American Dream
Deceived by campaign promises of the Blues, Biden and Harris of all sorts of economic handouts and path to citizenship
From free medical care to public education and food stamps to AFDC and not required to immigration status reveal if they succeed in their border crossing trip
The phrase border crisis for Blues save for a few brave Blue Reps in swamped border states does not exist
The only crisis on the border for Blues is not enough illegals are sent into the interior where from deportation they easily resist
Harris’s stern warning to illegals “Don’t Come” is as useless
As Xerxes having slaves whipping the incoming tides to regress
©  October 15, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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