Sunday, October 10, 2021

Fallows' Mind Fallow Comparing McConnell to Terrorist Dumping Anthrax Spores in Water SupplysCi


James Fallows has a well matched surname
His passions against Reds on Stelter’s basement rated program stokes to inflame
Claims that McConnell’s letter warning that Reds would not vote for a debt ceiling increase
If the push for the $3.5+ Reconciliation Bill did not by December cease
Was akin to a terrorist threat of into our water supply poring anthrax spores
A danger to the lives of Americans drinking water we must not ignore
But after the scary analogy Fallows blew it and public health danger retracted
Only an economic threat ignoring the fact that chlorine does not cause large number of living spores to be  subtracted
A field is fallow when has not been planted with crops
Allowing it to recover so yields do not further drop
Fallows’ mind like such a field is fallow where today no ideas or solutions to harvest
Opinions so over the top they are impossible to digest
Have to applaud his creativity for such an inane comparison
With idiots like Fallows on Stelter’s show no wonder it viewers shun.
© October 10, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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