Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Garland's Daughter Married to Co-Founder of Panorama Involve in CRT Business--A Conflict For Him?


Garland promised in an innuendo slam against his predecessor William Barr
That under him, independence would B the rule & transparency its shining star
Yet in his latest move to weaponize and politicize the FBI which is governed by the DOJ
In moving against parents protesting the imposition of CRT in public schools that promise was held at bay
The AG like the judge he once was and the member of SCOTUS he lusted for
Is held to the strictest standards of conflicts of interest that to a person most Americans would deplore
Justice either from the bench or from the prosecutors and FBI is supposed to be blind
If not there’s a great chance a higher court will a biased verdict unwind
Panorama is a company co-founded Xan Tanner
That appear to be part of the CRT banner
Public schools and school boards are part of Panorama’s clientele
With CRT under growing attack, much harder for Panorama to products and services to them sell
It has now been disclosed after Garland’s call for the FBI to “threats” to school boards and teachers investigate
That Roberta Garland has chosen Tanner to be her spousal mate
It may not be a stretch to see Xan whisper in Roberta’s ear
“All of the parent protests over CRT may make some of our contracts disappear”
Followed by a hug, wink and nod
“Can your dad on protesters trod”
Even the slightest appearance of a conflict may do the trick
Time for Blues and Reds alike to demand Garland remove the threat of the FBI’s chilling stick
What ever happened to limiting FBI to crimes to federal crimes or those crossing state lines
Garland’s guilty of a clear overreach beyond imagined crimes from real crimes that FBI jurisdiction should be confined
© 10/6/21 The Alaskanpoet

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