Friday, October 15, 2021

Loudin School Board President to Scott Smith Apologizes and One Pro CRT Member Resigns


“One bad apple spoils the barrel” in Loudin County School Board is on display
Beth Barts who railed against parents for opposing CRT finally resigned today
Fallout from an outraged parent Scott Smith over sexual assault of his daughter by a male transgender in a skirt
And the coverup by the School Board to keep the public from seeing this alleged gruesome dirt
Leading to an outright lie of no sexual assaults reported and Smith being led away in cuffs
Superintendent apologizing to Smith but with a lawsuit on its way probably not enough
Barts’ position will be filled at the next meeting of the Board
Parents should be demanding an election not another appointed sychophant of the pro CRT horde
Watching the coverage of the raucous Loudin County School Board meetings
Having the replacement be another Bart like clone means the relief parents need will be fleeting
Like the barrel the entire board is most likely rotten to its core
Must be replaced in order to parents’ faith in the public schools to restore
In addition to the apology to Smith the School Board should take this immediate step
Inform Garland in no uncertain terms that FBI investigation of parents as domestic terrorists he must quickly forget
© October 15, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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