Saturday, October 30, 2021

Biden Doctrine On China--Strong Statement Followed By Ambiguity

Biden when it comes to foreign policy Gates believed Biden that area never could master
Still the case as he failed as the staying power of the Afghan Army against the Taliban forecaster
They might have had a chance but Biden closed Bagram and took away our air support
They quickly against the Taliban then came up short
The Biden Doctrine if you can call it that seems to be a strong statement
Followed by a walk back and a chance to relent
Never learned the folly on use of chemical weapons to draw a red line in the sand
Then when used by Assad with Obama at his side did nothing instead of force that Assad would understand
We have a China that is putting pedal to metal to it armed forces build up
Challenging us economically, politically and militarily as the chance of conflict seems to grow to erupt
From a strong statement that U.S. would Taiwan if attacked would defend
To a walk back to the policy of ambiguity on the issue to China send
A Truman position on South Korea déjà vu  
No longer in our sphere of interest an invite to the North to walk on through
The result was the Korean War and U.S. forces back to Pusan to hold by a slim thread
And when the shooting stopped 3 years later some 92 thousand wounded and 36 ½ thousand dead
North Korea believed we would not intervene and launched their attack
To be expected when a perceived resolve to defend we lacked
Biden seems to our foreign policy cornerstone forgot
Ambiguity of our response leads to goals of our foes by force of arms to be sought

© 10/30/21 The Alaskanpoet

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