Monday, October 4, 2021

Stanford Thwacks the Quakers 31-24


Stanford Thwacks the Quakers

The Ducks were flying high to meet the Tree
Undefeated favored to seal a 5th victory
Cardinal ruined by the Bruins in a defeat last week
Could the Tree stave off another defeat?
The Ducks were plucked in the first half
As McKee, Peat, Jones, and Tremayne excelled in their craft
Defense at end of second stopped Ducks at the 2
Upset hopes for Cardinal fans grew
17-7 lead at 2nd half start
Wheels on the offense soon fell apart
Instead of moving the ball with 1st half ease
The Cardinal running game came down with the waddling disease
A 4th and 1 failed, and the momentum shifting gods the Stanford defense could not appease
McKee’s passes failed to connect often flying high
Not able to score the chance for upset seemed ready to die
Oregon with  17 unanswered points the lead regained
Oregon punted and with 1:57 left on the clock at their own 13 victory soon to be down the drain
An incomplete pass followed by 2 false starts back to back and the Cardinal was back on the 4
At Stanford against the Ducks Tanner McKee aped Elway’s win against the Browns known as “The Drive”
96 yards away with a minute 53 to keep the upset dream alive
5 out of 8 passes completed knocked out for 1 play for being targeted
A roughing the passer and a holding penalty the  Ducks regretted
From the 2 with no with no time left on the clock
A TD pass to Higgins followed by PAT to head to OT to complete the upset shock
In OT the Cardinal scored a TD and the Ducks failed to score
Now 3-2 the Cardinal heads to Tempe to see if we can ape an upset once more
Shaw apologized to fans over 70 who may have had faint hearts
For a roller coaster OT win after such a dominating 1st half start
The Bruins were destroyed by the now 4-1 22nd ranked Sun Devils
The Cardinal off to Tempe to with another upset try to them level
Paraphrasing the song, into the desert with horses of now feared offensive names
McKee, Peat, Higgins, Jones, and  Humphreys though only probable  Tremayne
And an offensive line now becoming worthy to block and protect
And a defense more likely to stop and intercept
All over 70 year old Stanford fans fear not the roller coaster win stress
Worth it all if at the end, Stanford and Shaw pass the upset test
© October 4, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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