Monday, October 25, 2021

No Progress on Supply Chain Crisis Which May Be Linked to Mall Shootingsl


The supply chain crisis seems not to be improving even though the Biden Administration has finally awoken from its slumber
With the federal government releasing billions inflation on the rise in gas, food, clothing, autos, new and used, and lumber
Transportation Secretary Buttigieg after his two month paternity leave is finally back in the office
From some with no experience in logistics at public or private level expect him to be glacial speed cautious
Biden when confronted with the soaring gas prices provided little hope
That anything could be done in the short term with the supply shortage cope
Oblivious to the fact that his war on fossil fuels is why we are where we are
Blocked completion of Keystone Pipeline and new drilling on federal tracts barred
From the largest producer of energy on the planet having reached energy independence
In just a few short months due to Biden’s policies chained again to OPEC dependence
Wisely declined to tap into the Petroleum Reserve
Leaving Americans to face soaring prices they don’t deserve
Already shelves in stores and supermarkets are becoming leanly stocked
As crisis continues the profitable Christmas season will be curtailed and somewhat blocked
Like the collateral damage of his open border with almost 2 million illegals this fiscal year
Of a rising tide of deaths from fentanyl and opioids that now appear
A new trend of mall shootings seems to be spreading across the land
Perhaps due to anger of not being able to buy products shootings are getting out of hand
Latest example in Boise which is about as far away from Chicago as gun behavior could be
2 shoppers killed 6 wounded including a cop on another mall shooting spree
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