Monday, October 4, 2021

Facebooked Hacked And Suffers 7 Hour Outage--Welcome To Censorship Zuckerberg


Zuckerman who controls a majority of the voting stock of Facebook
Experienced a dose of his conservative banning algorithms when a massive outage strook
For seven hours Facebook went dark for its posters and those with ads for goods and services to sell
A glimpse of the agony that conservatives experience when banned into social media Hell
A person banned from social media unless rich and famous no longer exists
Which is why Americans must rise up and the censorship of Facebook and Twitter resist
Facebook shares dropped 4.89% today but are still up 21.3 year to date
As really damming testimony of Facebook’s America be dammed policies from a Whistle Blower we await
Many if not all conservatives are applauding that the outrage could not happen to a more arrogant narcissist guy
Wondering when Congress will get some spine and anti-Trust laws against Facebook seek to apply
The NYT is prone to proclaim on its masthead
That democracy dies in darkness when it should be dying in censorship instead
Biden’s wealth tax to income redistribute I oppose
Despite in Zuckerberg’s case it would be a welcome outgo
Not sure who caused the outage or who performed the deed
Could it be a group firing a warning shot across the algorithm that censorship is a no-no he should heed

© October 4, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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