Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Question for Merrick Garland? How Many Ryder Trucks Laden With Bombs Have Parents Opposing CRT Parked?mladen lalerudmay nHow Many


When it came to weaponizing and politicizing never thought an AG would top Eric Holder
It looks like given his actions Merrick Garland may be much bolder
In response to the Association of School Board requests the parents opposing CRT are domestic terrorist
Garland assigned the issue to the FBI section that puts groups and individuals on the domestic terrorist list
Outraged parents over CRT shoved down their kids’ throats
Appearing in numbers at school board meetings to demand CRT policies be revoked
This latest movement against CRT by momma and papa bears was spontaneous
The outrage over the damages to their kids was widespread and instantaneous
Despite the idiocy of the likes of Terry McAuliffe that in curriculum can have no role
Parents reject almost to a person that the state in education has the sole and only input and control
A needed wakeup call to one overreaching Merrick
These parents are not terrorists though their voices may be barrack
Appearing to voice outrage at school boards that refuse to their CRT concerns hear
As much as the AG would like to relive his fame in his Oklahoma City role, no bomb laden Ryders will appear
Sadly the reflex of the left to hit anyone with whom they disagree with the “domestic terrorist” label
Is a clear and present danger to a functioning democracy and must be swept and forever kept off the table

© October 6, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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