Sunday, October 17, 2021

Biden At Soon To Be 79 Needs Physical And Mental Checkup Soon Not Later


Joe Biden will in November of this year
Have the distinction of being the oldest president in the Oval Office to appear
He has not had a comprehensive physical checkup since he was sworn in
Even though shielded by teleprompters from the press  questions doubts in the war against age he is going to win
Our eyes are not X-Rays or MRIs
Cannot detect heart, blood, lung problems that on such machines doctors rely
But with our eyes and ears we witness the stumbles, the lapses, gaffes and cognitive disconnect
His strange almost demonic whispers of “Pay your fair share” that the rich must elect
Biden more than any president needs a complete physical check up
To make sure another deadly aneurism does not erupt
Blood work and scans to insure he is free from disease or tumors
But in his case more importantly to try to dispel the lack of mental fitness rumors
A comprehensive  cognitive mental ability test
To show signs of dementia are not present or are subject to medical arrest
Though an increasing number of Americans with his policies oppose
Almost all would pray that on the road to advanced dementia the tests will not show
Like a true protector of Biden’s failings Psaki would not give a scope or a date
Deaf to the rising cries of mental unfitness with the daily disasters that this nation awaits
The clock for an exam continues to tick
Each day more of us believe he is dementia sick
© October 17, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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