Tuesday, October 26, 2021

CRT Corollary to Murphy's Law May Mean Maryland's Murphy Like McAuliffe May Be Toast


If the great orator Obama flamed out with parents in Virginia claiming he was “tone deaf” to their concerns
One gets the feeling that McAuliffe’s campaign is losing momentum and getting ready to crash and burn
So if Obama was a flop, McAuliffe reached out to Biden to do a campaign stop repeat
With Biden’s approval ratings dropping like a lead balloon how will he stave off a defeat?
Answer is he won’t and Biden’s dementia will be further exposed
As McAuliffe should be worrying about the increasing size of his nose
The Washington Post certainly no friend or supporter of the Reds
After listening to McAuliffe’s claim large number of kids’ COVID-19 cases and numbers in ICU beds
The false numbers were so large and deliberate he received 4 Pinocchio’s instead
In Loudin County, high school students walked out of class over school board’s attempt to on a rape the public be misled
Virginia is state in the shadow of the Swamp and as such very Blue
Youngkin winning against Blue McAuliffe would be a shattering coup
In New Jersey which is Bluer than Virginia incumbent Blue Murphy is also in a tight race
A once landslide like lead, Ciattarelli has almost erased
Murphy aped Cuomo during the pandemic and sent COVIS-19 infected patients into nursing homes
Too many school closings and lockdowns and his state is 4th highest still in unemployment zone
New Jersey now has mandatory diversity training in schools to sound like CRT cram down going coast to coast
If school board meetings erupt in protests like in Loudin County, Murphy’s reelection chances are toast.
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