Monday, October 4, 2021

Beyond the Pall Leftist Chases Sinema Into Bathroom Stall Biden Does Not Condemn


The intolerance, bias and hate of Maxine Waters against Trump is alive and well
And has now metastasized against non-progressive Blues in a civility death knell
Not a word of outrage from Blues when Mad Maxine told supporters to get in Trump supporters faces
Yelling and screaming that they were not allowed or wanted in any public place
A Munich like appeasement moment with not even the false paper claim of peace
Against Reds and Trump and open season of violence and protests never to cease
Now Sinema and Manchin for failing to toe the Progressive line
Emboldened the left’s cancer of intolerance no longer confined
Sinema chased into a ladies’ restroom to lock her stall
To by a leftist protestor be verbally mauled
Manchin on his houseboat being surrounded by protestors on kayaks
This time only shouts and signs and no throwing objects attacks
Watching the videos most Americans were appalled and aghast
Biden who ran as a unifier when asked did not the actions blast
Said they were only part of the process to be expected
As opposed to chasing a women into bathroom stall to be thoroughly rejected
He must have been too busy lying about voting procedure on the debt ceiling increase need
Blaming debt on Trump and missing a golden chance to condemn disgraceful action to nourish an unifying seed
At least our frail cognitively challenged president answered a few questions before leaving
Even claimed he was author of reconciliation not Sanders which may leave Sanders seething
© October 4, 2021 The Alaskanpoet


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