Sunday, October 17, 2021

"Let's Go Brandon" Now Code For Biden F* Bombs To Attack Biden But Not The Office Of President


The office of the president as opposed to its occupant should be respected and revered
More so now than ever when civility and bipartisanship has almost completely disappeared
Biden who on November 20 will become the oldest man to in the Oval Office sit
During his basement campaign and since his election increasing cries that he is not mentally fit
Unlike Midas who for everything he touched turned into gold
For Biden everything he touched a massive disaster to behold
He ran from the basement as the candidate with skill that could the nation unify
That under his leadership the pandemic we would defy
Ignored the fact that the major tools in the pandemic fight
Needed tools the vaccines developed by Trump in hype speed were near approval before Election Night
To by January 20, 2021 36 million doses had been to Americans sent out
And 16.5 million injections against COVID-19 had joined the pandemic bout
A few hours before Biden was sworn in 401,820 deaths from COVID-19
As of October 15, 2021 724,177 from the pandemic Americans were no longer to be seen
As more and more Americans have gotten the vaccine  and close to 45 million have natural immunity acquired
One would think as we over Blue objections open the economy up mask mandates would be retired
Not the case and Biden has changed his mind to enforce a vaccine mandate on federal employees, employers over 100 and those with contracts for the feds
The idea that a person can listen to one’s doctor on medications and follow religious beliefs now being shed
In the midst of a crime surge and supply chain gridlock driving inflation off the charts
The firing of unvaccinated first responders, medical personnel and essential workers like truck drivers, delivery workers and longshoremen is about to start
To no one’s surprise a large percentage of Americans object to be forced to take the jab or lose one’s job
And thereby one’s ability to feed one’s family and pay one’s bills be robbed
So in stadiums across the land fans at Blue despised “super spreader” events
The chant of the F* Bomb  “F* Biden* is heard as angry fans vent
To disguise to avoid attacking the office but keeping the message for Biden and his puppet masters to hear
The message heard loud, long and clear is “Let’s Go Brandon” is now the stadium cheer
If Biden’s puppet masters do not veer him  away from his leftist course the Blues in 2022 are doomed
Even trying to save the defeats by replacing him with Harris due to 25th her ineptness and leftist slant will not remove the Blues’ gloom.
 October 17, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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