Monday, October 18, 2021

Biden and First Lady Maskless Walking Through High Priced Swamp Restaurant


The Swamp in D.C. may be the perfect theater of the absurd
Cutting to the chase a video is worth more than 10,000 bureaucratic words
Washington D.C. has a mask worn indoors law even for those who have taken the jab
Biden and the first lady after church dined at the Fiola Mare where mere mortals could not afford the tab
But it was not his choice of a pricey seafood cuisine that the headlines would grab
But rather a video of the two of them maskless walking through flanked by masked Secret Service on camera nabbed
Biden who is such a maskophileac he has been seen wearing them while on zoom
Questions have to be raised why he had it off walking through the room
Best guess is that he thought he could the diners there enjoying their high priced meal
With that repeated whisper leaning over the podium he uses for vaccines or paying taxes spiel
Can’t urge someone to get vaccinated or pay on taxes one’s fair share
If they are to hear his demonic looking whispered demand a mask on his face can’t be there
Sadly for a leader that is a really lame excuse
Belongs in the trash and other refuse
A leader has to know that by example is how you must lead
If instead it’s do as I say not as I do no one will his words heed
He can’t use the excuse that Blues like Newsom, Lightfoot, Bowser and Tlaib violate the masking rules
Unless, which he probably does, he believes that Americans are complete fools
© October 18, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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