Saturday, October 30, 2021

Hypocrisy 101 Fly Your Private Jet to Glasgow Climate Conference As China Builds More and More Coal Generators


The politicians, the rich and the famous are coming to Glasgow on Halloween
For a client conference to strive to get the planet to start to carbon emissions wean
But you can bet the bank that on the tarmac gas guzzling private jets will not be far and few between
No the hypocrisy of do as I say not as I do will dominate the Glasgow climate change conference scene
Most likely Kerry our climate change czar will not be flying commercial air
Does not want even if in first class the despised mere mortals to his cabin share
The carbon emitting Kerry family jet will probably in Glasgow touching down
Not even aping climate change concerns by landing in London and taking a train to Glasgow town
If more and more it looks like climate change will cause the temperatures to rise
With more powerful and deadly storms, rising water levels and droughts no longer a surprise
But a constant fact of life that acts to reduce carbon emissions we will be forced to elect
Time for the elite to the use of private jets to locales serviced by commercial air reject
If we are to reduce the greenhouse emissions time for all of us to support “All hands on deck”
Especially China whose appetite for coal powered generators has gone unchecked
The U.S. cannot win this war on greenhouse emissions alone
By being the only nation to reduce its emissions to the bone
Time for the planet to end the free carbon emissions increase path
For China and India to no longer surge their carbon emissions while the world then suffers the climate change wrath
© 10/30/21 The Alaskanpoet

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