Friday, October 8, 2021

Once Again an Out of Touch Biden Walks Away After Teleprompter Speech Refusing to Answer Any Questions from the Pressuespuch


Biden tried to spin the disastrous September Jobs report
Calling on Americans to his infrastructure and his $3.5 reconciliation to support
Oblivious to the inflation beast raising its deadly head
The cruelest tax of all on the middle class as we stumble ahead
Oblivious to the spike in energy costs as his war on fossil fuels cuts down of domestic production
Forcing us once again to turn to imports from volatile places like the Middle East to replace the reduction
Oblivious to the surge in government payments that hinder the go back to work urge
Oblivious to the Trump orders that cut supply side red tape that he quickly purged
After tied to his teleprompter speech he turned his back and tottered away
Ignoring the questions a frustrated press hurled at him to their dismay
This decrepit, cognitively challenged old man has served beyond his expiration date
Totally clueless or able to remember solutions to the grave problems that will be this nation’s fate
What few neurons he has left must still remember the 13 service personnel that at Kabul died
When any advice from the military on how to proceed to withdraw he denied
His new closing line—“may God protect our troops” should be refined
Given his mental loss should be “may God protect us from me this time”
A mind is a terrible thing to waste but even much worse
Is a president who remains in office subject to the increasing dementia curse

© October 8, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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