Friday, October 15, 2021

Bush No Police For You Paid Private Security For Me--Queen of Hypocrisy


The Blue elite hypocrites are so numerous it is hard to keep track
But Corie Bush with her acts instead of words has to lead the pack
She is the Defund the Police Queen striping her black voters of police to answer 911 calls
To save them from shooters and robbers hell bent to kill or maul
Yet with her campaign fund dollars she plunked down another more than $64 grand
For private security while middle class voters do not have the funds to prevent violence on them to get out of hand
She defends the spending as one of her rights
To prevent her from dying from the evil forces of the night
I am sure her donors who chip in small amounts are pleased to hear
Money is spent not to get reelected for her agenda to push but to make violent threats disappear
Donors should be able to designate how their donations are spent
Have to believe money would dry up if private security was where funds were sent
This hypocrite has an ego beyond belief
The her work is so important growing threats present to bring her deadly grief
This woman is like the Duchy of Grand Fenwick that roared
Most Americans and her voters has chosen a long time ago to her rants ignore
© October 15, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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