Wednesday, October 13, 2021

CNN in a Rare Case Slams McAuliffe on His View of Parents' Role in Education


Hard to believe but CNN finally said something very right
“Terry McAuliffe lets his tongue get ahead of his brain” in the CRT fight
For him in a debate to demand that parents have in their kids’ education no say
Is a typical Stasi like comment on the role of parents on display
Suburban moms who sadly because of personalities not policies voted against Trump
Listening to McAuliffe dismissing the parents’ role should cause them to his support into the trash dump
How stupid can a candidate be to parents’ educational role dismiss
Hearing him, voting parents should the election dreams of Terry bury and throw into an abyss
Such arrogance but since coming from a political hack
Should amaze no one from a hack clueless on how informed voters to attract
Close race for sure within the margin for error
Terry is oblivious his spreading among suburban moms the tide of CRT terror
The fact that he is asking a president whose approval ratings are in free fall
Another example of the disconnect that will greet him in the first week this fall
© October 13, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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