Friday, October 29, 2021

Violate Our Laws by Illegally Entering and You May Sign Up For $450K


With the Biden Administration one never knows when you will be hit with an inane shocker
The latest trial balloon on money to illegals belongs in Davey Jones Locker
$450,000 for each child separated from his or her parents
To compensate for emotional distress to the illegal which is an idea too errant
Illegals’ Bogus economic refugee claims to valid refugee claims swamp
Then let go into the interior without fear of deportation to on our streets romp
If a member of the Armed Forces dies while serving this land
The most paid out as a death benefit is  one hundred grand
If killed in a combat zone or in training group life insurance more dollars will kick in
But cash payment of 450 grand for emotional distress belongs in a trash bin
Our border is a wide open sieve
A magnet for illegals who seek the freebies Biden wants to give
There have to be a few moderate Blues left in House
Who would join with Reds to this inane idea douse
When we wrongfully interned Japanese-Americans due only to their ethnicity
With not a shred of evidence to link them with the Empire of Japan war time duplicity
The compensation for the stress of confinement was only $20 grand
Small recompense for the concentration camp like stain upon this land  
© October 29, 2021  The Alaskanpoet

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