Friday, October 8, 2021

Hiding Hypocrisy Tone Prescotti Delays Report of Failed Carjacking Attempt On Security Detail's Car


If politicians were required to wear a scarlet “H” arm band
Every time they were guilty of brazen hypocrisy for acts across the land
Among Blue politicians in urban areas there would be a run on arm bands in stock
The typical mantra of the left is “We must defund the police”
A failed idea that if that happened blatant acts of racism would cease
Neighborhoods of color as opposed to neighborhoods of whites
Need more not fewer cops to prevent the surging gun violence blight
Should not surprise anyone that the louder Blues scream “The police we must defund”
The more likely they will have more private or dedicated security armed with guns
In Chicago, white Toni Prescotti, the president of the Cook County Board, heard shots outside her home
Two thugs tried to carjack the car of a member of her security detail proving no one is safe when felons roam
If she had been black or brown great likelihood outside her home there would have been not a cop in sight
Only recourse and chance to survive would be a responded to 911 call before the crime ended and perpetrator took flight
Prescotti who has been a rabid defund the police supporter under the banner of racism stop
Was mum on the shooting afraid of adverse reaction because she had her own cops
The way to stop the gun violence in urban shooting galleries would be to have the elites be exposed
Banning private security and dedicated police to fear gun crime and the cry to defund the police oppose
As long as black lives matter only if the shooter is a cop
The carnage of color on color shooting will never stop
If the race or profession of the shooter matters not
Protestors by the 1000’s would be in the streets to try to stop the deadly rot
© October 10, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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