Sunday, October 10, 2021

McAuliffe Deserves the Scarlet H of Hypocrisy Deceiving Voters as a "Unifier" While Attacking Concerned ParentsCouldcla


Blue hack Terry McAuliffe in Virginia is in a tight gubernatorial race
Trying to ape the Biden playbook by loading up the I am for unity plate
Claiming the outrage over CRT in the schools is a dog whistle made up to the voters divide
While in the shadow of the DOJ’s inane claim parents are domestic terrorists to take the school boards’ side
In a debate with Youngkin doubled down that parents should have no input on what their kids are taught
By a Stasi like educational system with failing urban schools infected with CRT and cancel culture rot
McAuliffe merits the Scarlet H award with diamonds arm band
For his anti-parent rants on their concern over their kids’ education to stand
McAuliffe is like the Germans in World War I with Austria-Hungary as their ally
Linked to an Austria-Hungary like political corpse Biden whose actions have his platform belied
Biden’s popularity continues to drop like a zone
Hopefully dragging down McAuliffe to send him home
Biden and McAuliffe are 2 peas in a pod
Only difference is that McAuliffe still has neurons and Biden’s are mostly flawed

© October 10, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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