Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Tiny Crowds for McAuliffe Don't Bode Well

 During the Vietnam War protest signs were seen of “What if you declared a war and nobody came”

At McAuliffe rallies the results look pretty much what the protest signs claimed
On Saturday Obama returned to VCU where at his reelection rally 8,000 chose to attend
To appear with McAuliffe at VCU a scant 2,000 there to hear the message Obama tried to send
To no one’s surprise Biden taking a break from his misnamed Build America Better deal
At another rally for McAuliffe only some 2,000 were there to hear his spiel
On Wednesday at a church rally for McAuliffe some 20 people were there for the camera to reveal
Crowd size at rallies by not be the perfect method to predict but good chance it shows chance for Younkin is very real
McAuliffe shot himself in the election chance foot when he made his parents have no role in kids’ education claim
A moment in time where his election chances were shot down in flames

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