Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Did McConnell Cave or Keep Filibuster Powder For Later Use


Americans are fed up with a Congress that will not address issues except on party lines
Where Blues define bipartisan as having a single Red vote with Blues align
And save in the Senate where more adults and less Squad like Progressives reside
Where a true infrastructure bill was passed only to taken by House Progressives on a hostage ride
Americans are tired of our elite pouring on red ink
With any sense of fiscal restraint thrown out with the kitchen sink
Then down the road a game of chicken to be played
Raise the debt ceiling or default to the credit markets utter dismay
McConnell rose above the partisan games of which the Blues are master
To agree to the debt ceiling increase to prevent fiscal and economic disaster
Still Progressive hostage takers in the House will not let infrastructure bill go
With each passing day AOC and the Squad are emboldened to run more of the show
So in December we will face the normal winter snows
And another round of threatened government shutdown and default woes
Makes one want to be able to Mulligan the whole lot
Blame on both sides with Blues with lion's share of the partisan rot 

          © October 6, 2021  The Alaskanpoet

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