Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Judge Orders Jailers of a January 6 Protestor to Be in Contempt of Court and Refers Matter to DOJ for Violation of Prisioner's Civil RightsP


The cornerstone of the rule of law is that Lady Justice is supposed to be blind
Sadly save in the case of a politicized DOJ and January 6 Capitol protest where no blindfolds exist to find
On the slanted 20/15 vision so acute
That the left found an insurrection supposedly taking root
Protestors who were arrested have been in many cases denied bail
Are rotting sometimes in solitary confinement in COVID hotspots jails
In the case of Christopher Worrell who has non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and has contracted COVID-19
And broke his hand needing surgery in May and only Tylenol has seen
The jailers ignored a judge’s orders to turn over records to the court
To see why needed surgery the jailers chose to abort
Now face contempt charges and the judge has referred case to DOJ for violation of Worrell’s Civil Rights
After the DOJ’s latest attempt to end rights of assembly, protest and free speech over the CRT fight
With Garland moving the FBI against parents now labeled domestic terrorist
Hard to believe this politicized DOJ won’t slow walk and the rule of law try to resist
Garland has proven to be not a moderate, not independent, only a puppet pulled by the left’s strings
The only saving grace is that this idealogue’s confirmation to SCOTUS the Senate would not bring
When BLM can with impunity raze city blocks and buildings to the ground with impunity
And until now the Civil Rights of January 6 protestors can be smashed with judicial immunity
We are headed down a slippery slope, a toxic to democracy path
Worsened each day by the Biden Administration’s lust for power to curbs on our freedoms craft


© October 13, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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