Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Used to Softball Questions From Sychophant MSM, Hardball Ones Cause McAuliffe To Walk Away From Interview In A HuffintembW


Terry McAuliffe campaigning for governor in his debate with Younkin trying to another term reach
Claimed parents don’t have a right to tell schools what they should teach
A local TV station gave interviews to both candidates of 20 minutes each
But a testy McAuliffe facing hard questions on parental role did not the 20 minutes reach
Walked off after 10 minutes in a huff
Berating interviewer for wrong questions saying he had enough
Blues have gotten so smug with the MSM fawning and softballs they can’t cope with a real press
Tough questions on their failed policies they want to suppress
In Virginia in the shadows of the Swamp CRT teaching has become a parental lighting rod
With angry parents appearing at school board meetings protesting it to be racist and flawed
Reds and Indies have an issue enhanced by Garland’s labeling parents as domestic terrorists
That should drive Youngkin to victory as McAuliffe has so inanely their concerns over CRT dismissed
Blues will be bringing in Obama and maybe a sinking Biden to turn the tide
Should not due to McAuliffe’s arrogance and CRT stance knock Younkin’s on to Richmond electoral ride
November 2022 is still a long way off and voters memories are often too short
But for now it is beginning to look like Blues’ chances to retain Congressional majorities the Reds will thwart

© October 20, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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