Tuesday, October 5, 2021

DOJ May Be Squashing Parent's Rights to Protest Local School Board's Action on CRT


As across the nation parents are rising up in outrage of the teaching of CRT
A racist anti-white curriculum that is hell bent on distorting this nation’s history
We have made mistakes not the least of which was slavery and breaking all treaties with respect to Indian lands
But teaching white kids in elementary school they are oppressors and blacks they are oppressed parents withstand
But McAuliffe a Blue hack in Virginia trying to shove CRT down children’s throats
Has ridiculed concerned parents telling them on the issue of their kids’ education, they have no say or vote
Now Merrick Garland is getting into the abusive of federal powers act
Assembling a DOJ taskforce to protect school board members from parents protesting the CRT track
The federal government was right to protect young blacks trying to segregate white only schools
But where is the justification or right of the DOJ threatened and squelch opposition to CRT rule?
Already from the left calls to invoke the Patriot Act against parents who protest
vaccine mandates and the teaching of CRT a harbinger of the fed against parents seeking to arrest
Replacing parents with the feds is something out of the East German Stassi playbook
Something that should terrify us all over the power grabbling path the feds took
In just a short 8 months the heavy hand of federal intervention has grown by leaps and bounds
Biden striving to federalize our elections to insure Blue majorities and to rule the school grounds
While ignoring his constitutional requirement to enforce our immigration laws
No matter how hard they try his staff cannot conceal that he is severely mentally flawed
© October 4. 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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