Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Foggy Bottom Understated Americans Left Behind As Pentagon More Than Triples Number to Nearly 450er tas Pnerican

 If Biden looks carefully in a mirror

The image of Carter & Tehran Embassy should appear

After Blinken’s State Department went on deception mode

On number of Americans the departing planes failed 2 load

2 B left behind as potential hostages because Biden’s view of reality was blind

No matter how large, trained, or motivated the Afghan Army was, w/o U.S. air  it would B in a deadly bind

Against his generals’ advice Biden fled Bagram Air Base in the dark of night

2 begin based solely on a Biden deadline near 9/11 4 us 2 take flight

Despite Biden’s pie in the sky faith in an army w/o air support

The Afghan Army collapsed like a house of cards & time f4 evacuation would B short

Kabul fell on August 15 & the American airlift 4 citizens & Afghan allies started

In 15 days 1000's of Afghan allies & most of the Americans there departed

But number of Americans behind was never by the State Department made clear

Today the Pentagon confirmed nearly 450 Americans remain living in great fear

Far more than State wanted us 2 believe

True 2 form State deception 2 achieve

When Iranian students seized our embassy on 11/4/79 13 days after the Shah we admitted

60 Marines & Embassy personnel were taken & held hostage 4 444 days 2 terror submitted

A weak Carter was swept from office & the silver lining today is that political history will repeat

The stain of 450 left behind will scores of Blues in 2022 & Biden or Harris in 2024 go down in defeat

© 10/26/21 The Alaskanpoet

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