Thursday, October 28, 2021

Los Alamitos School Board President Caught on Hot Mic F*___Bombing Protesting Parent


In our divisive and partisan times it seems no institution is exempt
Even school boards now are infected with stifle disagreement contempt
From their raised platform many members look at parents with disgust
Especially when these Untermensch the board edicts they distrust
Parents are supposed to sit quietly or better yet board meetings not attend
Oblivious to what the board dictates what will be taught at the schools where the kids their parents send
California has a mask mandate for teachers and students attending schools
Probably due to questionable theory that they are a valued anti-COPVID 19 spreading tool
In Los Alamitos Board meeting a parent spoke out against the mask mandate
And against one of its members who had attacked parents’ dissents she did berate
Parents in the audience responded with loud and long claps
A disgusted school board president’s response was caught in the hot mic trap
She launched the “F*---You” bomb against the protesting parent
Exposed for expressing her feelings the president with an apology tried to relent
May have been ashamed or embarrassed with her f* bomb or maybe not
Due to common board members’ power trip more likely outraged she by a hot mic has caught
© October 28, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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