Saturday, October 30, 2021

Cancel Culture and Wokes Up in Arms Over Braves Name and Tomahawk Chop

 The cancel culture, Woke and PC warriors have no shame

Have tried to infect America’s pastime during the World Series game

Like the name Washington Redskins the name Braves has become persona non grata

Especially when linked to the tomahawk chop which now viewed by MSM as no longer scata

MLB caved to the Stacey Abrams’ demands to relocate to Denver the All Star Game

MSM commentators waving the racist flag and demanding the Braves change their demand

No longer can the Braves sell the orange tomahawks to use in the tomahawk chop

The millions who from the MSM flee wondering when will this victim identity stop

At least on name and tomahawk chop the MLB Commissioner has found some spine

Name and action of Atlanta fans supporting the Braves are just fine

We have sadly become a nation of leftist cancel culture dolts

Like snakes and lobsters but here in perpetual molt

No longer just thin skinned to react to any perceived verbal or symbolic attack

But without any covering to magnify the damage of the slight to exaggerate how to react

Humor in America along with tolerance of any opposing views now dead

What happens when thick skin to be a victim is always shed  

© October 30, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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