Monday, October 4, 2021

Andrew Yang Wants Yang Not Blue Yin And Leaves Blues


Finally Andrew Yang has seen the writing on the wall and returning to his Chinese roots
Has had enough the Blues’ divisive identity politics and giving the Blues the boot
The Chinese have long believed in the Yin and the Yang
Finally for Andrew the Fat Lady sang
The yin symbol often means the dark
Which is where we go when Blue divisiveness and identity politics rips this country apart
Pulling it so far too left shedding values making it harder to win
Andrew a successful entrepreneur not a political hack tossed the Blues’ agenda into the trash bin
The Yang symbol often means light
To illuminate the path of how to go to get things right
Andrew is changing his affiliation to Indie to his name coincide
All Reds should welcome him as an Indie on the make America great again ride
He now realizes that Biden’s “Build America Back”
Is a foolish pipe dream when Blues are led a failed political hack
We could never amend the Constitution to require this additional qualification to be president
In addition to being 35 years of age 5 years working in the private sector be spent
Sadly a pipe dream but better than the ongoing nightmare
Of hacks like Biden who from his hack mindset he will not us spare
© October 4, 2021 Ridley’s Believe It Or Not

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