Thursday, October 21, 2021

Biden Repeats Amtrak Story That Never Occurred Is Jill Our Shadow President


Listening to Biden is like listening to someone in a mentally fogged past
Memories of events faded, dates and persons there clarity do not last
Just another sign his mind is fading fast
His Amtrak story shows most likely his mind is at half-mast
As long as he is not corrected look to him embellishments and imagined events repeat
The more someone retells about an event
The more likely his tale seems more real of time and who was present
Not bothered by his Amtrak story or his Corn Pop embellishment
But really concerned that he does not recall advice on actions he should take
Memory of first advice disappeared to advice forsake
Like FIFO first advice no matter how wise is first to go
And the last advice is the only advice his brain will know
The Biden Administration as about as transparent as a window made of lead
Who in the administration gets the last laugh after prior advice shed?
That person has to be the person who pulls the puppet strings
The master of disasters his decisions to the table bring?
Don’t want to speculate but if Edith is the model
Jill who helps the emotionally disabled and Biden who now mentally dawdles
Could be the shadow president of a man probably easy to control
To bad we don’t have a fly on the wall to see her in that role
© October 21, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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