Monday, October 25, 2021

Maskless Biden Coughs Into Hand Then Off To Receiving Line To Shake Hands


Psaki scolds the press saying that they should “focus on Biden’s policies rather than moments in time”
Easier said than done when it comes to questions of Biden he is prone to turn around and go off line
Shouting question as he shuffles away that fall off his back
Typical of a transparency this administration totally lacks
The crumbs left for the press are too often only ones we all can see with our own eyes
Since a photo or video is worth more than a thousand obscuring words the press must on them rely
Biden is the leader of the maskophileacs  for all vaccinated or not
Indoors or even outdoors which the science not taught
Use the fist bump, wash your hands frequently and sneeze or cough into your arm
Topping all precautions get vaccinated to protect you and those around you from harm
So the press’ bells and whistles sounded the alarm when maskless Biden into his hand coughs
Then heads to a receiving line and his hectoring do as I say soon scoffs
No washing, no fist bumps,  only shaking hands
Ignoring what science tells us has been spreading the virus across the land
Just a few days after the head of DHS had a positive test and is now in quarantine
Once again do as I say not as I do alive and well on the Blue Hypocrisy scene
© October 25, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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