Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Laundrie Moving Up the Food Chain to Become Suspect Due to Autopsy Finding of Strangulation of Gabbym


The autopsy findings on Gabby Pettito’s homicide have just been released
Laundrie’s movement from the person of interest to potential suspect has just increased
Coroner has ruled that Gabby died because she was strangled
Hindsight is too late as people wonder how this beauty could with this suspect become entangled
For him to have arrived at his parent’s home without his supposed fiancée
What kind of plausible explanation could he have used to account for the fact that with him she did not stay
What kind of parents would not demand and be suspect as to why he without her just drove her van away
If and when he is found and no longer a person of interest but a charged suspect
We may learn his background to explain why parents lack of cooperation they chose to elect
And the Moab County police who did not chose to lock Laundrie up in jail
Will have to live with the fact a women is dead because their actions failed
Hearts go out to Gabby’s family and all those women who have been in abusive relations
And to Laundrie’s parents a well-deserved condemnation
© April 18, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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