Sunday, October 10, 2021

Be Careful What You Wish For Leftist Gonzales When You F*Bomb Musk

 Gonzales is a hyper leftist who on civility has lost completely her grip

On the creator of Tesla, SpaceX, Solar City et al on Musk an F*Bomb she lets rip

Back in 2020 and now doubles down as a badge of honor she claims

Another high tech company Tesla pulls plug and moves to Texas with its business climate sane

Leftists like Newsom and the one party Banana Republic Blues have shed moderate chains

From the moderating influence of economic reality they have been cut loose

In their greed and lust to transfer wealth they will kill the golden goose

Why any disrupting business would want to stay here boggles the mind

Even with the magnets of Stanford, Cal, Cal Tech and Silicon Valley others are becoming easier to find

The Golden State with homelessness, feces, crime, failing schools, highest taxes and regs that cripple

Is creating a tidal wave of exits of best and brightest that were once the tiniest of ripples

The Golden State's more appropriate nickname should be the Pyrite State

As more residents leave the reality of "Fools' Gold" in wave that will not abate

© October 10, 2021 The Alaskan poet 

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