Wednesday, October 27, 2021

McAuliffe and Blues Not Playing with Full Deck


A deck of regular playing cards contains 2 jokers plus 52
In the game of politics far fewer cards if the contestant is Blue
To compensate the number of suits are increased
The race suit has 4 kings to be quickly tossed into play
To toss against a Red as a racist to his chance of winning slay
The homophobic suit has 4 queens to a Red blast
Ignite the ire of the gay community and his chances will not long last
The Islamophobic suit has 4 jacks
Protecting the “peace loving” Muslims with which a Red to attack
The xenophobic suit has no face cards only tens
Losing its rank in value as videos show thousands of illegals daily in a surging trend
Drowning out the few real refugees hidden in the caravans
By the human traffickers, sexually abused, felons and deadly fentanyl spreading across our land

There are no cards in the issues suit
A record of failure caused Blues to give it the boot
But the top suit of 4 aces that until now has towered above all is that named Trump
Label a Red a Trump sychophant and replacement to incite the voters to the Red dump
In Virginia in a tight governor’s race McAuliffe has tossed the Trump card until blue in the face
Called in top Blues to try to support his faltering race
Youngkin is not Trump and unlike McAuliffe he is tuned into the anger that parents protesting CRT feel
If elected the divisive nature of cancel culture and CRT he will repeal
Garland’s command to FBI on parents as domestic terrorists to sic’em the voters will reject
McAuliffe’s loss will be a wakeup call that Biden like Blues like McAuliffe are not playing with a full deck

© October 27, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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