Tuesday, October 19, 2021

RNC Airs Ad Using McAuliffe's Own Words Slamming Parents' Involvement in Kids' Education


In the tight Virginia gubernatorial race, the RNC has started to air
McAuliffe’s beliefs stated in a recent debate that should all parents scare
With Virginia school board meetings packed with parents the end of CRT being sought
He believes parents should have little role in determining in schools what is taught
As ads go this one may win the election night prize
Using a candidate’s own debate words to bring about his demise
The left have taken over so many facets of our lives
MSM, universities, Hollywood, Hi-tech autocrats, social media, criminal justice and military in woke—hard for conservatives to survive
One of the few remaining bastions of parental influence are elementary schools
Now targeted by cancel culture, political correctness and CRT tools
In the left’s mind like the Stasi, child rearing is the role of the state
Parents’ involvement and ideas are subject to only rebuke and berate
Not wanting to have the parents pollute their kids minds before at kindergarten they arrive
The Blues want universal preschool so parental influence will be even harder to survive
Virginia’s race hopefully for the left will be like Pickett’s charge
The highpoint of the left’s control to then recede never to be enlarged
© October 19, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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