Saturday, October 30, 2021

In Your Face Attacks on Sinema Will Fail Like the Sun and the North Wind Fable


On the Build Back America Better bill to America fundamentally transform
Any pretense of civility and tolerance by the left has been ripped and shorn
Kirsten Sinema has had the temerity to question the trillions proposed to be spent
The forces of verbal abuse and personal harassment upon her were sent
From violating Arizona law by following her with a camera into a public restroom
To crashing a wedding where she officiated for the bride and groom
Oblivious to the fact that such acts to change her vote are doomed to fail
And ruining a wedding should be condemned by all as beyond the pale
The rabid intolerant left needs to read the fable of the Sun, North Wind and the man with the cloak
The Sun and the North Wind were arguing who could the title of the strongest invoke
The Sun with its rays or the North Wind with gusts on its side
Back and forth for hours each other’s strength deride
At last to decide the  stronger they looked down on a man wearing a cloak
Strongest one is the one who causes the man’s wearing such garb to revoke
The North Wind blew and blew with each blast harder still
The man pulled the cloak around himself tighter to ward off the chill
The merely shined down upon the man some warming rays
Very soon the man put the cloak away
Attack this woman with in your face insults and force
She to her credit will dig in her heels and not alter course!
© 10/30/21 The Alaskanpoet

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