Saturday, October 16, 2021

Midas Turned Everything He Touched Into Gold Everything Biden Touches Turns Into a Disaster

Everything that King Midas touched turned to gold
Everything Biden touches a disaster quickly unfolds
The list of Biden induced disasters is growing long
 Each day more and more Americans realize the lever they pulled was wrong
From the Keystone Pipeline stopped and on federal lands fracking coming to a halt
From energy independence to begging OPEC for help as soaring fuel prices our wallets assault
From ending stay in Mexico and stopping construction of the border wall in its tracks
As the flood of illegals surge in the millions in a security, COVID spreading and prosperity attack
From closing Bagram and setting August 31 deadline to ignore sound military advice
To abandon American and their Afghan allies behind the lines as 13 American soldiers paid the price
From vaccine mandates of take the jab to be hired or retained
As crippling numbers of first responders will be fired to our safety be flushed down the drain
From his inane idea to pump billions upon billions of dollars into the economy where not enough goods to supply
Creating the largest amount of inflation in decades and doing squat to fix the supply chain on which we rely
Buttigieg should be commended for hiring a surrogate but with container ships moored waiting for weeks
Why for seeks in addressing this supply chain crisis was he MIA to no in its height paternity leave seek
Voters never listened to Gates when he said “on foreign policy Biden has always been on the wrong side”
No wonder that in pac ked football stadiums cheers of “F* You Biden” rise and do not subside
Midas died because of the golden touch he could not eat
Biden will choke on falling polls to his time in office with 25th defeat
© October 16, 2021 The Akaskanpoet


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