Monday, October 4, 2021

Rasputin Look Alike Dorsey Banned the Wrong Ranger Sam Brown


Rasputin’s look alike Jack Dorsey must think a large majority of American are total fools
That banning Red Senate candidate Sam Brown was a mistake only due to algorithm tools
Asking us to believe that lie is like believing the Emperor has real new clothes
When without doubt a clear and present danger to our elections Twitter’s blatant act shows
Sam Brown is a West Point grad who entered shortly after 9/11
Who months into his deployment in Afghanistan suffered an IED that should have sent him to heaven
Instead severely wounded with 3 years of rehab that multiple surgeries to his face the injuries suffered cannot conceal
Medically retired after 3 years but a desire to serve his nation still had lasting appeal
Running in the Red 2022 primary to see who will run against a Blue incumbent
On Monday with no warning or notice of violation of Twitter’s rules for content
Was permanently suspended which if still in place would his candidacy prevent
Fearful of his winning and flipping a seat looks like Twitter’s only a mistake intent
This is practice by Twitter against conservatives that goes on each day
While leftists and even terrorists like the Taliban continue unfettered to inflammatory and biased tweets display
In Twitter world their decisions on banning or suspending are all ex parte  or in abstentia to be learned after the fact
With no notice of what a tweeter has or has not done to merit such an attack
It is an outrage but when it affects an election it borders on a clear and present danger
To our democracy and its free elections endanger
© October 4, 2021 The Alaskan poet

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